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Wii’ve been a bit busy

Well, yes, finally it arrived. My brand spanking new Nintendo Wii. Actually TWO of them, oops. Having got a bit nervous about the likelyhood of Woolworths actually getting any stock, I got an e-mail from Gamestation, a specialist local gaming shop saying they would release a batch for sale online at 10am on 31st Jan. Myself, Lucy and Russell (who had also ordered with Woolworths) all ordered and waited for confirmation. As it happens, I had confirmation from Gamestation and Woolworths at the same time, but luckily some other colleagues of mine wanted a Wii too (yes, lots of wii/wee jokes at work these days) so I’d flogged it before I ‘d even taken delivery.

So, enough about that… what’s it like?

It’s great! We bought Wii Play, Wario Ware and Zelda in addition to the bundled Wii Sports. To be honest we’ve spent 90% of the time playing Sports – it’s so easy to get the hang of and it’s such a good thing to do over a bottle of wine. Bowling is far and away my favorite sport, but we like Tennis and Golf too. Boxing is good fun, but I’ve not got the hang of baseball at all – just can’t seem to get the timing right, which is actually quite like my real life ability at baseball.

Mii Debs

One of the real attractions is the ability to create your own Mii. Here’s a picture of Debs’ Mii…

Another cool feature is the ability to let your Mii’s roam about the place, and indeed let them roam around yours. As it stands I have 9 Mii’s on our console – Myself & Debs and various friends of ours (and their friends an family). All this means I can now play baseball with a team of people I know, which is good fun. :o)


Wii Update

Apparently my Wii  is now “Back Order or Pre-Release” which doesn’t sound great, but at least I’ve moved on from “Awating security check”.

I’m full of cold. :o(

Where Wii?

After last Sundays exciting session playing Simon’s Wii, I was sold, so I’ve devoted most of my spare time this week trying to get hold of one. Thanks to all my friends for their help, especially Luce and Russ. Anyway, I thought I’d got one on Thursday morning – placed an order with, but disappointingly I followed up the order to discover there was no chance of them having any stock for a few months – gutted. :o(

So, imagine my surprise last night following a link from Russ – to find that Woolworths of all people had them in stock. I’m not counting any chickens yet though – no doubt they’ll have made a mistake too. Anyway, Russ and I have both ordered one, so fingers crossed.

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