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Hard graft

After sucessfully choosing suits with Mike this morning for the Wedding (5 weeks, 6 days to go… *gulp*), I spent most of today with Debs in the garden. With the clocks moving forward the temparature seemed to rise as well, so we decided to tackle the garden for the first time this year.

First stop: Wilkos. Friends, we are the first people in history to spend more than £50 in Wilkos in one session. I’ve spoken to the late Norris McWhirter and he confirms this to be true. Wilkos is like inverse Costco, where it’s impossible to spend less than £70.

Armed with 18 gravel trays, 20 seed trays, 11 (all the stock) propagator lids, an array of seeds, pots of various shapes and sizes we headed to the next destination, Homebase. Here we procured 4 bags of gravel, and a couple of hundred litres of compost of various grades.

Back home, Debs got stuck into clearing dead stuff around the garden whilst I got seedy. It was at this point I realised that Greenhouses aren’t tall-people-friendly. My 6′ 5″ frame is quite comfortable in the apex, but luckily we have a small window in our greenhouse so I stood there. First job was to Get the gravel trays full. I’ve been a bit concerened about the humidity in our greenhouse in recent summers, it always seems dry, so I think loads of gravel trays full of water will sort that. Anyway, armed with sacks of grade 1 compost, I got planting… today’s luck seeds are:

  • Giant sunflowers x 24
  • Nasturcium x 24
  • Tomatoes, six varieties, 8 of each
  • Spring Onions… loads
  • Coriander, 6 pots
  • Basil, 2 large pots
  • Red Onions – 10 x small bulbs

Also, Ian next door donated a seed tray of about 70-odd marigolds, which I separated out into 48 individual segregated seed trays. He also donated a lemon balm, which smells gorgeous, and some cacti which needed splitting and re-potting. Cheers Ian, and for the beer too… very welcome!

Well, here’s some photos to show you.


Red Onions


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