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Nikon UK – Excellent Customer Service

On a recent trip to Budapest I was disturbed to notice my Nikon zoom lens* was failing to focus on anything much further away than 30 metres or so at the telephoto end of the zoom (135mm plus).

I was annoyed. I paid more than the RRP for this lens to have it as there was absolutely no stock in Europe when I got it back in March. However, I was reassured by many that the international Nikon warranty would be honoured, so I called Nikon UK. This was the only bad part of the experience – having to ring a premium rate number. I explained the problem, and the helpful person told me to send in only the parts needed (the lens and its caps), and to send in a plain box, as it would be unlikely I’d get the original box back, along with a description of the problem, proof of purchase and my warranty. I was worried that my e-mail receipt wouldn’t be sufficient bur it was accepted no problem. I was told to expect a 2 week turnaround.

Anyway, I packaged the lens on Thursday last week, and sent by insured recorded delivery to Nikon. The following day I received an e-mail confirming my lens had arrived, and a tracking number so I could see the status. Again, the repair estimate was 2 weeks. On Monday I got a further e-mail letting me know the lens was fixed and being shipped. At 11.30 on Tuesday, only 2 and a bit working days after I posted the lens, it was back in Leeds and back with me.

Last night I tested it, and all is well. It focused perfectly on the moon at 200mm and could have focussed further (if I really wanted o shoot some stars?!).

I’m really impressed – well done Nikon UK.

* Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED DX VR Lens


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