Family stuff

So, spent the weekend up in the North East to celebrate Great Uncle Jack’s 95th birthday. Apart from being an absolute Gent (and I really mean that) he has many fantastic nuggets of stuff up there in his head.

My Dad has a photo that he inherited, which used to have a painting mounted to it. The painting was by Thomas Moran, his Great Uncle, painted in the 1920s. He had the painting removed not so long ago to frame it but we brought the photo up to the party for Jack to look at as it had his Mother and his Grandparents (on her side) on it.

Great Uncle Jack was my Granddad’s Brother. I never knew my Granddad (Vincent Moran) as he died long before I was born aged only 42 from a brain haemorrhage. Jack is the eldest, and I think, only surviving sibling of the nine children his parents had. Anyway… here’s the photo.

Purvis Family Portrait

Say hello the Purvis Family. In the centre, with the very important moustache is Lambton Purvis. This is Great-Great-Grandad. He’s Scottish, I’m led to believe – and has a nice moustache.  Next to him sits his wife Jane. She’s the one who’s given birth to the 12 children that stand and sit around them, including the woman sat to her right my Great Grandmother Sarah.  I’m not sure when this was taken, but I found this brill article on the Durham Mining Museum website.

In it it details that:

  • William Lambton Purvis (My Great-Great Uncle) was killed in a mining accident aged 24 in 1904
  • Hi Mum was buried there too when she died aged 64
  • And his Dad was buried there too

It also tells us that in 1881 when the census was taken, that Lambton and Jane had 3 children aged 3, 2 and 5 months. My Great Grandmother was the eldest and William who died was 5 months. I’d therefore say this photo was taken just about the end of the 19th Century.

I really love this kind of thing. I have some fascinating documents from my Dad’s other side of the family too. I hope to write something about them soon too.


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