Being Jim Moran

Yesterday I had a message to call someone at Leeds Guide, a local magazine, so I called them.

The person I contacted asked me why I hadn’t turned up at a photoshoot yesterday. I immediately knew what had happened, but he continued about how he hadn’t been able to contact me, so resorting to Google he found my Website and contacted me via my place of work, AWA. Despite my keen interest in Photography, I am not what you’d call a professional photographer.

I do know there is more than one Jim Moran on the Web though. Firstly there’s Congressman Jim Moran, he’s big news in the USA but I doubt anyone in the rest of the world has heard of him. Then there’s Jim Moran the Photographer in Leeds. Unfortunately for poor Jim, I seem to be outranking him somewhat in the Leeds-Based-Photographers-Called-Jim-Moran stakes on Google.

Sorry Jim. Hey, if you fancy a Website though, perhaps we could come to some arrangement? I do specialise in SEO :-)


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