The Village of Leeds

Yesterday was odd, a lot of things happened that just make you think.

Firstly, at lunchtime I was walking into town with Russ and we were walking behind a Geordie chap talking loudly into his phone about how he was gonna “mosey on into town” and “get a bit lairy” by “having a few beers”, all accompanied by hand actions and an amusing “mosey-ing”walk. Anyway, Russ and I had a giggle at this chap.

Later on, we went to the Cross Keys where Anna who I used to work with met up with myself Russ and Glen. Anna had just got back from holiday in France with another friend of mine I’d not seen in ages, Heidi. Anyway, Russ, Glen and I were heading for the Adelphi at around 8.30, so asked if Anna and her crowd fancied meeting us there. I told Anna about the chap we’d spotted earlier in the day, cos it was a faily amusing anecdote, and she went off to drop her car at home.

On the way to The Adelphi, we discussed when we could have a work night out, and Glen suggested the 10th October, which I discived is not only mine, but Glen and his friend who we were about to meets birthday. Not often there’s 4 of you meeting up and 3 of you have the same birthday eh?

So, we get to The Adelphi after a McDonalds hit, and I try to find Anna and Heidi – I eventually find them, and lo and behold, there’s a bloody Geordie chap there, getting a bit lairy having moseyed on into town! Turns out the guy was on holiday with Anna and Heidi and was actually on the phone to Heidi when we heard him earlier in the day. Now that my friends is spooky.

Anyway, we were really at The Adelphi for a 30 10th party (ok, a 40th) for someone I didn’t know, but Glen knew pretty well. We headed upstairs and I was pleasantly surprised to bump into fellow tall Leeds photographer Rick (aka Tricky/Soviet UK),  who knew the birthday girl, and also some guys who were at Russell and Sarah’s wedding a couple of weeks ago.

I have always said that Leeds is like a village, but today took the biscuit.


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  1. 1 phrenseed September 22, 2006 at 4:01 am

    I defintely think you should keep up with this. Great sight. Good looking, and I wonder how you got the photos arranged. Besides, you are a good writer and an excellent photographer. Thank you. Phrenseed @

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