Day 3 – Galway to Westport

Galway is a lovely place. After finally having a proper full Irish breakfast, we set off nice and early on a sunny albeit windy day towards the coast road. We potted around the place stopping occasionally for a breath of bracing sea air or a photo op, and considered a €45 return flight to Inishmore but decided it was a bit expensive for a 3 hour stay.

We’d been this way before but rushed it somewhat so I was keen to explore as much as possible. Not for the first time we regretted not buying a proper map, relying on the freebie we got from Budget rent-a-car. This map had clearly marked “scenic” roads, which I tried to follow (Debs was driving) and on the whole they were pretty good, but I was keen to find a particular road we’d been on before, but having zig-zagged along for hours we still hadn’t found it.

Still, we had a great day. Lunch was an odd affair at a hotel near Maam Cross, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches which we had to explain to the Polish waitress what a toasted sandwich was. We eventually got into Westport and found another B&B which was great apart for the most pathetic shower you’ve ever had. Once changed we headed into town to watch the match, stopping at Moran’s pub (which was also a shop) and then onto a bar where we watched the game between France and Brazil over some dinner.

On the way home I took some nice shots of Westport’s “river”. It’s more like a canal, and supplied by what appears to be a small stream really. Again, we had no plan for the next day…


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