Day 2 – Ennis to Galway

If there’s one thing you can rely on in an Irish Bed and Breakfast it’s a good fry up in the morning, so imagine this – bananas, apples, plums, oranges, pears, yoghurts, cakes (yes, cakes), muffins, breads, toast, cheeses and juice. I’m not complaining – it was still repeating on me by lunchtime, it’s just not what you expect round these parts.

Anyway, that set us up nicely for our second day. After a wander around the town, which we kept finding new bits of, we set off in the car towards the most famous sight in Clare; the spectacular Cliffs of Moher. Battered by the Atlantic Ocean and up to 660ft high they attract a huge number of visitors, which explains why you’re not allowed anywhere near the edge anymore. Apparently a large chunk recently fell, taking with it a picnic bench.

Well, sod that… Debs and I went right up to the edge like many others which afforded me the time to take this shot, which I am very pleased with. It was a fairly overcast, yet bright day if that makes sense, which makes for horrible washed out skies in my photos – my camera just doesn’t seem capable of balancing the light in these conditions. After a few minutes a guy who looked very much like a fat version of Debs’ cousin Eonagh asked us to move on, so we had to go back to the path some 20m back.

Lunch we took in a tiny village called Doolin – the capital of Irish music in Clare, and complete with purple thatched cottage.

From here we headed to The Burren, an area of limestone much like a lot of Yorkshire where I’m from. To be honest, I was totally un-blown away by it all – it lacked any of the mountainous majesty of Galway or Mayo, and as Limestone pavements go, I think Malham cove and the lower slopes of Ingleborough in North Yorkshire were much more spectacular. The main attraction was The Dolmens (ancient man made sculpture type things, burial sites I guess), which was so overcrowded with busloads of tourists we didn’t bother stopping.

Onto Galway – I was keen to get in good time to watch the Germany v Italy semi-final of the World Cup, so we checked into a B & B and headed into town, and specifically to The King’s Head. It’s a funny pub – looks really small from the road, but huge inside. We’d been here last time we were in Galway and saw an excellent live band, and it was good for football too. The match was great, with Italy winning with 2 late goals in the second half of extra time.

After a drink on the way back (and a shocking look at how much we’d spent so far), we hit the sack again.


2 Responses to “Day 2 – Ennis to Galway”

  1. 1 tecmorose September 26, 2006 at 9:30 pm

    The Cliffs of Moher pic brought back memories of my trip in ’99. The weather was far different for your pic, bc the cliffs look so bleak. Nice to see them in a different, more foreboding light. For some satire and ramblings about random things, check out my blog at:

  1. 1 Doolin | Cheese Reviews Trackback on August 20, 2010 at 12:43 pm

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